Anime’s Dangerous Innocents: Betsy Birmingham Presentation

Anime’s Dangerous Innocents: Millennial Anxieties, Gender Crises, and the Shōjo Body as a Weapon
Wednesday, April 16 at 4pm

Betsy Birmingham will be at the Main Library Weber Reading Room on Wednesday, April 16, to talk about the impact of culture on anime. Her presentation will show clips from several anime series that feature exceptionally dangerous schoolgirls: Saikano, GunSlinger Girl, and Black Cat. Professor Birmingham will talk about how these characters, in shows written by and for young men, represent male fears and anxieties about the new-found cultural and economic power of contemporary girls in Japanese culture.

Betsy Birmingham is an associate professor of English and an Associate Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences where she has taught a wide range of courses including a course on anime. She publishes and presents on topics such as girls, fan culture, and anime music videos (AMVs); incest tropes in shojo manga; the rhetoric of Steampunk in anime; and feminist ecocriticism and the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

This event is open to the public. Refreshments will be served.