Creating a Search Alert in Web of Science

Note: You will need to create an account with Web of Science to create a search alert. Create an account using the Sign In menu in the upper-right corner.
sign in to Web of Science

1. NDSU subscribes to multiple databases within Web of Knowledge. Because search alerts are only available for the Web of Science Core Collection, you will need to select that collection before starting the search you want to save.

Click the drop-down arrow next to All Databases to choose just the Web of Science Core Collection database.
Web of Science Core Collection database
2. Run the search you wish to save.
Web of Science save history
3. On the results page, click Search History in the menu bar in the upper-right corner.Web of Science search history
4. On the search history page, click the Save History/Create Alert button. [Note: Only the most recent search can be saved.]
Web of Science save history
5. Create a name and description for your saved search. If you wish to receive emailed updates to your search, leave the E-mail Alerts box checked.
Web of Science save search
6. An RSS Feed for your search is available from the Saved Searches page under the My Tools menu.
Web of Science RSS feed