Faculty Senate Library Committee

About the Committee

Membership shall consist of one faculty member from each representation unit, one undergraduate and one graduate student appointed by the Student Government, a staff member appointed by the Staff Senate, a representative from Information Technology Services, a representative of the Dean of Graduate and Interdisciplinary Studies and the Dean of Libraries.

Committee responsibilities include:
Formulating policy recommendations for the NDSU Libraries.

(From: Faculty Senate Bylaws; Article 5,  Section 3, University Senate, May 30, 2011)

Meeting Dates and Minutes

FY 2013

September 18, 2012 meeting minutes
September 6, 2012 meeting minutes
September 2012 PowerPoint: Faculty Senate Library Committee Budget Update

FY 2012

March 2012 meeting minutes
April 2012 meeting minutes
April 2012 PowerPoint: NDSU Libraries Update
May 2012 meeting minutes

Potential Cut Lists

Cut Lists 1, 2, and 3