HerdSearch FAQ

What is HerdSearch?

HerdSearch is a search engine for the Libraries’ resources. It includes everything found in a traditional library catalog like books, DVDs, and government documents along with most of the content available through the Libraries’ electronic databases – in a single search! Not only can you use HerdSearch to find all this information – you can use HerdSearch to access, read, and download the full text as well when it is available.

What can I find using HerdSearch?

You can find books, journal articles, e-books and e-journals, news articles, and much more. It contains everything found in the Libraries’ Catalog including resources from the NDSU Archives, the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Institutional Repository, and Digital Horizons. You can also use it to find information that you would normally use an electronic database for.

How do I access library resources off campus?

You do not need to be logged into your library account to use HerdSearch. If you click on an article you find through HerdSearch or a database, you will be asked for a log in to view the article. Use the same log in you use for Blackboard and campus computer clusters.

I can’t find the book I’m looking for in HerdSearch.

There are several ways to search for only books in HerdSearch.

  • Use Refine My Results on left side of the results page and limit your search to just books by clicking on Resource Type: Books.
  • Use Advanced Search and choose Books from the Resource Type drop down menu.
  • If you know the title, use Advanced Search to limit to the title by using the drop down menu to choose in the title.

I can’t find the article I’m looking for in HerdSearch.

Use Advanced Search, type the title into the search bar, and choose in the title from the drop down menu.

You can also use the eJournals tab on the Libraries’ home page to access the eJournals list. Enter the name of the journal into the search bar to see if the library has access to the journal for the time frame you need. You can browse the journal to find the year, issue, and exact article that you need.

NOTE: Permissions needed to be secured from publishers in order for HerdSearch to access the content contained in the online databases. Unfortunately, permission was not granted for all items which means there will be information you cannot find using HerdSearch. You can always access ALL of the content of one of our databases by using the Databases link on the Libraries’ home page to search your preferred databases directly.

I get so many results with HerdSearch – how do I narrow things down to what I’m actually looking for?

  • Use quotes around your search terms if they are a phrase: “global warming” will look for the phrase, not each word separately.
  • Use Advanced Search to search for titles, authors and subjects, to limit the date range that you search for, and to pick the resource type.
  • Use the Refine My Results options to the left of your results to further limit your results by the subject, database, publication date or resource type. If there is a more options link, you can click on it to open a window that allows you to choose multiple options for limiting your results.
  • Use Show only on the left side of your results page to limit your results to certain collections like peer-reviewed journals or the NDSU Institutional Repository.

I don’t understand why certain items came up in my search results.

HerdSearch matches your search terms with citation information and full-text when available. It may be that your search terms were found in the full-text.

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