Dakota Memories Heritage Tour

Dakota Memories Heritage Tour Survey

Anonymous Tour Members. "Dakota Memories Heritage Tour Survey." Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, ND, 2011.

What is the most beneficial aspect of the tour?

  • "Learning about my German from Russia heritage."
  • "Seeing and learning about the churches."
  • "Becoming more familiar with the resources regarding Germans from Russia. Learning about the communities within this group. Learning about upcoming events and town celebrations."
  • "The food was great. St Andrews Lutheran church, the German choir, also all the beautiful churches."
  • "Learning more about the ethnic uniqueness of the Germans from Russia."
  • "I learned a lot of new things, saw new places, experienced new humor, and met great people. I enjoyed visiting old churches, variety of subjects – like geology."
  • "The presentations, the food, how well-organized the tour was, the company!"
  • "For me it was a very nostalgic time. It reminded me of my heritage and it makes me very proud of it."
  • "The folks in town there were very proud to talk about their ancestors. Germans from Russia were very glad to be in America, and worked hard."
  • "Learning about the history and the work ethic of the people."
  • "I found the museums, St. Andrews church, Saturday evening was awesome."
  • "The lectures and background of cities was wonderful in embracing experience."
  • "Learning the history of immigration to America."
  • "Loved the singing (all)."
  • "The company, the food, the thoughtful selection of places to meet, the music was all fantastic. I have not heard German singing before; I was surprised how moved I was by the music at St. Andrews."
  • "Memories from childhood."
  • "Learning about the Germans from Russia history and culture."
  • "Learning about how important the contribution of the German Russian to their area."
  • "Everything, the staff was the greatest I have ever had on a tour."
  • "The variety of their shops."
  • "St. Andrews Lutheran church."
  • "Seeing St. Andrews church."
  • "Local and knowledgeable people presenting."
  • "The time and entertainment and food the people spend putting out for us."
  • "The dedication people have to their heritage."
  • "The attention to detail the planners spent time on prior to the event (ex: the booklet is/short venues of places and presenter coming up as we traveled)."
  • "Calling our attention to our German Russian heritage and seeing some of the items of our ancestors and the area."
  • "Everything! Michael, Acacia, and Jeremy were the best! They made everything happen for everyone."

What is the most important thing you learned on this tour?

  • "That there are still people keeping our heritage alive."
  • "Grave witching."
  • "That there are still young people in choir learning to speak German, and hopefully carry on."
  • "The importance of getting information from our elderly relatives before that history is lost."
  • "Lots of history – history of Germans from Russia – resources available."
  • "Loved the geological intro, the homesteading DVD info about Germans from Russia who stayed behind."
  • "Church and work ethics were there priorities – also music."
  • "The actual history of the people as told by the person on Sunday at the Lutheran church. I was impressed by how friendly the people are and how appreciative they were of the opportunities afforded then in America."
  • "The grave witching was awesome."
  • "History of settlement in N.D. however, I knew nothing about German Russian and thought the variety of things talked about and seen and represented was wonderful."
  • "Pay attention."
  • "I am not from here, so everything is very interesting."
  • "History of our ancestors."
  • "There are resourceful hard working, caring, and enjoy telling and hearing stories."
  • "How hard working and proud Germans are and were."
  • "Why the Germans from Russia left Odessa, and the hardships they endured as homesteaders on the prairie."
  • "Learning about how important the contribution of the German Russian to their area."
  • "The opportunity of family bonds/shared strength demonstrated by your heritage (I do not have this in my family)."
  • "The depth of information that is available and where it is."
  • "The rich culture that is still in place today."
  • "Cultural heritage."
  • "The mix of German Lutheran and Catholics setting the area. History of Germans from Russia."
  • "So much German from Russia heritage in ND and how it is being kept alive."
  • "The history in this area on Germans from Russia."
  • "More about our heritage, meeting people I could connect to those I knew from my home town childhood."
  • "Learned or relearned the pride I feel for my ancestry. To be grateful."
  • "Heritage of the Germans from Russia and how the prairie was settled by them."

Additional comments:

  • "Enjoyed the 3 days, learned a lot about my German from Russian Heritage. Thank You!!!!"
  • "The people on the tour were tentative and I really enjoyed the civic center program."
  • "Thank you it was a joy to be with the Dakota memories tour."
  • "Michael, Acacia, and Jeremy did a wonderful job! Thank you Extension Service for helping with the tour."
  • "An unforgettable trip – Thank you!!"
  • "It was difficult to choose which one was the most important, etc., all were thought provoking, and I took something from them all."
  • "I loved the programs at St. Andrews church and at the Wishek Civic Center."
  • "It was fun along with being very educational."
  • "I gladly recommend this tour for anyone."
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