Whether you seek information on your family tree or the perfect Kuchen recipe, NDSU Libraries' Germans from Russia Heritage Collection is a valuable resource. It is located in the North Dakota State University's Main Library, the state’s land-grant university.

Since its inception in 1978, this specialized archive has become one of the most comprehensive collections of German-Russian resources in the world.

Today, the GRHC has expanded its activities and projects to include: audio oral history interviews, clothing and textiles, the Dakota Memories Oral History Project, online discussion groups, heritage tours to Ukraine and Germany, online resources, outreach programs, photo archives, publications, and translations.

"My life long dream has been to keep alive and
enhance the heritage of Germans from Russia."
Michael M. Miller
Director and Bibliographer

Recent News

Journey to the Homeland Tour May 18-28, 2017

Touring German-Russian Country from Ashley, North Dakota

"In Touch with Prairie Living" May 2016

The Birthday Treat - Knoephla Soup & Sauerkraut Bierocks

PRICE DROP: Bessarabia: German Colonists on the Black Sea

New Items

Ready for School

The Welk Homestead: A Source Book

Kulm, ND 125 Years Cookbook

It's All Good

More New Items

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Permission to use any images from the GRHC website may be requested by contacting Michael M. Miller
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