How to use eJournals

Want to know if we have access to an electronic journal? Click on “Browse all journals” to access the ejournals list.

eJournals search box

Enter the name of the journal you are looking for and click search.

eJournals search box

Click on the “view it tab” to see information about what database(s) the journal can be found in and what years we have access to. Click on a link to see all of the issues of the journal we have access to. If we do NOT have access, you will need to use Interlibrary Loan to get the journal.

eJournals search results

Do you need to search for a citation? Do the above steps and then proceed as follows:

McCoy, J. (2012). The first interior? Reconsidering the cave. Journal of Interior Design, 37 (4), 1-8.

Click on the second or third database link (since the citation is from 2012 we cannot use the first link – it only covers as late as 2011):

eJournals search result example

We need Issue 4. Click on that to open:

eJournals search result example

And there’s the article! That was easy!

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