Welcome to the NDSU Information Literacy Tutorial

What is information literacy?

Information literacy refers to a range of knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s information-saturated world. You demonstrate that you are information literate by being able to figure out when you need new information and by having the skills to find it, critically evaluate it and ethically use it.

Information literacy is not a skill that is acquired once and then you are done. It is an on-going process that depends on your changing needs. Technology, your education, work and your life – all of these will require you to continually adapt to, evaluate and learn new things.

What is in this tutorial?

This tutorial consists of six sections which are designed to increase your awareness of the resources available to you at the NDSU Libraries and to help you develop your research and critical evaluation skills for your course work. The tutorial can be completed at your own pace and does not have to be finished in one sitting. You are welcome back at any time to review this information.

Please start each section by reviewing the learning objectives – the objectives help to clarify what you will learn in the tutorial.