Journal Metrics: Eigenfactor and Article Influence

What does it measure?

The Eigenfactor Score is a measure of a journal’s importance to the scholarly community. The score is generated from the citation information found in Thompson’s Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and utilizes five years’ worth of citation data. Journals that are frequently cited by other influential journals are scored as influential themselves. Eigenfactor is a research project co-founded by Jevin West and Carl Bergstrom of the Department of Biology at the University of Washington.

Article Influence measures the average influence of each journal’s articles over a five year period.

How do I get the data?

Go to and enter the journal title or subject area you are interested in to get both the Eigenfactor Score and Article Influence Score.

Eigenfactor continues to evolve and is developing new ways to map and visualize the information it is collecting. They are also developing new metrics (for example, their Cost Effectiveness for Open Access Journals measures the prestige of articles versus the publication charges) so they will be worth keeping an eye on as they continue their research.

Further Reading

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Eigenfactor FAQ