Library Activities: Finding and Evaluating Information

Activity: Complete and submit for approval an annotated bibliography of information resources that are highly relevant to a topic you want to address. Be sure to explain why each resource is both relevant to and appropriate for your topic.

Learning objectives(s): Students will demonstrate the ability to locate and evaluate relevant information. Students will be able to correctly apply a citation style. Students will be able to write concise annotations.

Activity: Have students identify an urban myth then have them search for information to either support of debunk the myth.

Learning objective(s): Students will find and critically evaluate information.

Activity: Students will refine a broad research topic until they can provide a precise statement of the search topic. They then will generate a list of keywords, and an outline of search logic including a justification of their choice of databases. They will then carry out a search and reflect on the success of their search strategies and any changes they had to make if they were not successful. Note: this assignment works best as the precursor to an actual research assignment.

Purpose: Students will be able to refine a research topic. Students will be able to plan a search strategy and carry it out. Students will be able to change strategies if they are not getting results.