Library Activities: Peer-review

Activity: Show an example of an article going through peer-review: first draft, reviewer comments, author revisions, round two of comments and revisions, and the final published version. Students discuss the value of the process to the scholarly community and any drawbacks they observe about the process.

Learning objective(s): Students will be able to explain the peer-review process and its importance to the scholarly community.

Activity: Read a post from the blog Retraction Watch. View the retraction notice for the article that is the subject of the blog post. Discuss the many reasons why an article might be retracted.

And/or: Discuss a scientific article that has generated controversy, but was never retracted. Example: Undergraduate Science Librarian’s arsenic bacterium activity. Class discussion centers around the checks and balances in scholarly communication and determines if this is a peer-review success or failure.

Learning objective(s): Students will be able to critically analyze failings of the peer-review process

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