This statement appears on the acknowledgement page of Greenwood, et al, 1996 (print resource C):

"One decision we had to make was whether or not to include references to the work of R. L. Houghton, a former United States Geological Survey employee. Houghton's research has been questioned as to the validity and repeatability of the data contained within it and has been repudiated by the United States Geological Survey. Our decision to include references to Houghton is based upon the fact that copies of this literature are available in many libraries. We are taking this opportunity to alert readers to the fact that some of his data has been questioned and care should be taken if it is used. Also, Houghton worked with a number of other scientists whose work is not subject to the same scrutiny and the validity of their data is not questioned." (Greenwood, et al, 1996, i).

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