University Records Transfer

General Information

As per NDSU Policy 713, within the approved NDSU Records Retention Schedule, there are University records that need to be transferred to the NDSU Archives for final disposition. University offices, departments, and organizations that will be transferring university records to the NDSU Archives must use the University Archives Records Transmittal/Inventory Form.


Prior to filling out the form, please contact the University Archives (1-8877 or 1-8914) for additional information on records transfer. The form can be filled out on-line, but cannot be saved. Once you have completed the form, please print one which must accompany the records being transferred. Please try to fill out the form with as much detail as possible. Once the records have been transferred to the University Archives, a unique number will be assigned to them and this number will be used to reference the records. A signed copy of the form, with its unique number, will be returned to you and this will serve as your confirmation of transfer to the NDSU Archives.

  • Whenever possible, use only boxes up to 1 cubic foot in size. Do not use “bankers” or large transfer boxes, since these present a weight problem.
  • Be sure to consecutively number the boxes and make sure that they correspond to the box number and description on the transmittal form.
  • It is important that the information you record on the transmittal form is accurate. It will be your finding aid to the records if you need to retrieve material.
  • Insert one copy of the transmittal form in the front of box number 1 of your shipment.
  • When you are ready for shipment, please call the NDSU Archives for transfer information.

Records commonly transferred to the University Archives: See the NDSU Records Retention Schedule

Contact Information: Trista Raezer, Archivist, NDSU Archives, 231-8877, or 321-8914,