Personally-owned Computer Equipment Policy

NDSU Library employees are required to use assigned NDSU-owned computer equipment. The NDSU Library IT Department will adequately provide each employee with appropriate and suitable computing equipment required for their job functions.

It is the responsibility of the NDSU Library IT Department to support, maintain, and provide secure computing services and practices for library employees while they perform functions related to their job description. The support and maintenance of said equipment and services is only for NDSU-owned computer equipment assigned to the employee. The NDSU Library IT Department will neither support nor service personally-owned computer equipment.

As a state-owned institution, NDSU is subject to the North Dakota Public Records Law, and therefore NDSU library employees’ personally-owned equipment must not be used for completion of job-related duties.

If different equipment is required to complete professional duties, the employee must use appropriate request channels for such equipment.

This policy adheres to the following policy guidelines: NDUS 1901.2, 3.1, 3.4; NDSU 158, 720.5.