Pull Service FAQ

What is Pull Service?

Pull Service is an NDSU Libraries service that allows access to items located in the Off-Campus Storage Annex.

Who can use Pull Service?

All NDSU Libraries patrons (faculty, staff, and students) can place Pull Service requests.

How do I place a request for Pull Service items?

You must submit a Pull Service request form. You will have to log in with your NDSU information to access the form.

How are Pull Service requests delivered?

Pull Service requests for articles/specified chapters will be scanned and sent to the patron via their NDSU e-mail address. If you wish to receive a physical item, please note on the request form where you would prefer to pick up the item. Physical items can currently be delivered to the Main Library, Klai Juba A/LA Library, and Barry Hall Library.

Pull Service operations are not available when the Off-Campus Storage Annex is closed.

How many Pull Service items can I request?

Patrons are permitted to request up to 20 items per day and 100 items per month from the Off-Campus Storage Annex.

Am I able to visit the Off-Campus Storage Annex?

NDSU Libraries patrons can request an appointment to visit the Off-Campus Storage Annex for research purposes. This is also an option if you need access to more than the allotted number of items.

I am a community patron. Can I make a Pull Service request?

Pull Service is not available for community patrons. To access materials from the Off-Campus Storage Annex, community patrons must request an appointment.

How do I request an appointment to visit the Off-Campus Storage Annex?

Please contact the Annex at (701) 231-8116 or at NDSU.Library.Pull@ndsu.edu.

Updated 8/11/14
Created 6/30/14