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Erosion and Nutrient Loss From Interrill Areas on Strip-Mine Land Topsoils

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Title: Erosion and Nutrient Loss From Interrill Areas on Strip-Mine Land Topsoils
Author: Lang, Kent J.; Prunty, Lyle
Description: In 1983, 1,00 acres were strip mined for it's coal deposits annually. Disturbed, exposed lands are susceptible to erosion and rain, which not only reduces soil but it's nutrients. Erosion has the added effects of pollution of waterways, which may lead to the deterioration of the water environment for aquatic life forms. Interill, rill and gulley erosion are referred to as total erosion. Soil that has been eroded from upland surfaces originates from interrill areas that are defined as portions of land surface that is located between runoff channels. This paper concerns itself with the evaluation of interrill runoff, soil and nutrient loss. It was culled from this research that interrill areas have a significant impact upon the attrition of erodible nutrients from the soil. Though sedimentation ponds may prevent the degradation of downstream environments, nitrogen and phosphorus may still be lost reducing the productivity of top soils. Those top soils that were cultivated prior to stockpiling were potentially more erodible than those top soils where were covered in native vegetation. Nitrogen and phosphorus loss may be lessened by the construction of lesser slopes wherever possible and by the addition of surface mulches or the re-spreading of top soils prior to reseeding.
Date: 1983
Subject: Mining
Soil erosion
Soil fertility
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/10185

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