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The Work of North Dakota Farm and Ranch Women

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Title: The Work of North Dakota Farm and Ranch Women
Author: Light, Harriet K.; Hanson, Richard; Hertsgaard, Doris
Description: This is a brief description of the role and responsibilities of the North Dakota farm wife in the context of the larger world. Feminism and women working off the farm have brought change to their lives. This article addresses several questions. What about North Dakota farm and ranch women? Are they employed outside their homes? Do they still work alongside their husbands in the farming operation? If they do work on the farm or ranch, do they receive a salary for such? The method of data collection was via 760 mailed questionnaires with data collected between December 1982 - January 1983. A composite that arises from this study suggests that women of farms and ranches in North Dakota are still deemed as being important to these agricultural enterprises. The duties they perform appear to be gender-less and they do whatever needs to be done regardless. Only 7% reported receiving any salary. Over 1/4th of the women reported working outside the farm and ranch home.
Date: 1983
Subject: Women
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/10187

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