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Learning Nestled in the Natural Playscape

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Title: Learning Nestled in the Natural Playscape
Author: Sunderman, Amber
Abstract: In this new era of technology dependence, children are spending more and more time with some form of media, many preferring it to the natural environment outside (Louv, 2011). This project explores how this phenomena has affected children in the form of Nature Deficit Disorder. The design typology is a Natural Playscape designed for elementary-age children that encourages learning, creativity, discovery, and wellbeing. Some of the questions addressed include: How does Nature Deficit Disorder affect children today? How can a Natural Playscape benefit today’s technology dependent children? Could a re-connection to nature by means of a Natural Playscape foster interest and engagement in the natural processes? Through research, data collection, and analysis this project studies how a Natural Playscape can encourage kids to go back outside and learn in the process. The hypothesis is that by exposing children to natural processes while they are young, children can develop an environmental ethic that will follow them to adulthood.
Date: 2014-05
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23160

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