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Parent Education: Perceived Needs and Sources of Information

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Title: Parent Education: Perceived Needs and Sources of Information
Author: Mullis, Ann K.; Mullis, Ronald L.
Description: the topic of this article is what information that is available to parents is the most helpful, Also, what information is most pertinent to their particular needs as parents. At the time of this writing, the authors state that little was known about parents usage of specific information sources regarding raising children, the usefulness of those sources or the parents' expressed need for information about raising children. In this writing, a questionnaire to identify needs for and sources of child upbringing information among families in North Dakota was distributes to 1,500 families to assess such. It was discovered that younger couples wanted more information for the explaination of the natural world than did older ones. The six topics with the highest response form in this questionnaire were topics such as sex, death, divorce, building self-confidence, guidance and discipline, teaching enjoyment of learning, assisting growth and learning and preventative health care. Differences in these different parent groups are presented. Of the 1,00 people, 819 voiced using other people as their resource for raising children such as a pediatrician or family physician, parents, teachers, friends and/or parent-in-laws. Other resources included magazines, newspapers and books. No differences were discovered whether the parents were rural or urban dwellers. However, with parent age differences some differences were found.
Date: 1983
Subject: Families
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4730

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