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Effect of Feeding Time on Calving Time

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Title: Effect of Feeding Time on Calving Time
Author: Anderson, V. L.
Description: The time that heifers need assistance in parturition typically resulted in long nights for ranchers. Altering the time of the calving to influence that cows to calve during daylight hours has several possible benefits. There is the improvement of calf survival due to birthing during warmer daylight hours when assistance is more readily available. A study featuring straight bred Hereford cattle was conducted for 1980-82. The methods and findings are discussed. They arrived at this management practice saves time and effort during night hours, does not require any capital outlay and can most importantly lead to increased profits from more calve lives.
Date: 1983
Subject: Cattle
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4776

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