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Detection of Colostral Antibodies to Ovine Progressive Pneumonia Virus

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Title: Detection of Colostral Antibodies to Ovine Progressive Pneumonia Virus
Author: Schipper, I.A.; Vadheim, Kirsten L.
Description: In the majority of laboratories in 1983, ovine progressive pneumonia virus was detected in serum samples via the agar gel immunodiffusion, (AGID), test. Srum and colostrum samples from 102 ewes were gathered. These indicated that colostrum samples might be as reliable as those of serum. This would reduce equipment or bleeding skills that were necessary for working with serum samples. OPP, ovine progressive pneumonia, is a chronic fatal disease that affected 30-70% of mid-western and western sheep. If antibodies could be detected in the colostrum sample, collection of these by herdsmen could be frozen for later screening for OPP. thus, freeing up equipment and laboratories. The materials, methods and results on such is given. The final conclusion was that colostrum samples were as reliable as serum samples for the testing of the OPP virus and it's antibodies.
Date: 1983
Subject: Animal diseases
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4778

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