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Age Related Sensory Evaluation of Sunflower Butter

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Title: Age Related Sensory Evaluation of Sunflower Butter
Author: Mullis, Ann K.; Mullis, Ronald L.; Dreher, Mark L.
Description: The article concerns itself with the psycho-physiological changes in peoples taste buds over their lifetimes. Up until this time, clear cut research was lacking. Young children's food preferences are regarded as important determinants of their eating patterns. As children often reject many foods that adults enjoy, it was deemed of interest to ascertain if their responses to certain tastes are stronger than those of adults. Studies had been conducted sunflowers and peanut butters. The article addresses a study regarding the sensory quality and physical characteristics of commercial sunflower and peanut butters that were evaluated by a multi-age sensory evaluation panel. The mean sensory scores for peanut butter and the two peanut butters for the five age groups in the study were lower for sunflower verses peanut butter. Food is deemed different or unattractive. Flavour, colour and texture were in the mix of determining factors. Peanut butter was generally better accepted by preschool children and senior citizens. Sunflower butter was passable for preschool children whereas it was unpalatable for senior citizens. Sunflower butter was deemed by the government as possessing far more nutritional value than peanut butter possesses.
Date: 1983
Subject: Foods
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4783

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