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Regional Farm Loan Demand and Fund Availability

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Title: Regional Farm Loan Demand and Fund Availability
Author: Pederson, Glenn D.
Description: Financial market conditions were far removed from a farmer's operating environment. Yet, changes in the cost and availability of funds available for loans bore a direct impact upon a farmer's credit and business management decisions. The need for cash and credit involves most aspects of a farm's operation. In order to expand one's operation or simple survival depend upon the availability of farm credit and farm credit institutions which respond to changes in the farm economy. the period of 1969-82 saw a period of high variability in both the demand for and supply of funds. Farmers are admonished to follow and to understand changes in their local, regional and national financial markets on which they are dependent. The re-direction of monetary policy, the deregulation of financial institutions and inflation are all examples of the complex changes that may act as a very dramatic influence upon the availability of farm credit and/or interest rates. This paper focuses on a segment of the financial market serving agriculture in the Ninth Federal Reserve District. This reviewed the changes which occurred in the farm loan demand and the availability of funding in the agricultural banks within the region. Sections reviewed are; farm loan demand, the availability of loan funds, farm credit market conditions and the implications for farm borrowers and rural agricultural banks. If a farm manager adequately monitors and understands changes in the financial market conditions, changes can be anticipated and addressed.
Date: 1983
Subject: Finance
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4787

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