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Sunflower Competition in Wheat

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Title: Sunflower Competition in Wheat
Author: Miller, S. D.; Gillespie, G. R.
Description: Sunflower is an alternate crop used in North Dakota. It rotates with wheat crops. Residue sunflower seed germinates and competes with wheat crops in the following year. This reduces wheat yields. Given the height of sunflowers over shorter crops, this reduces the amount of sunlight reaching them. Varying densities of sunflowers in another crop strangle out planted crops. Thje objective of the study in this article was to determine the influence of sunflower density, duration of competition and the ate of control on wheat yields. In conclusion, the author cited that wheat following sunflower should be seeded early as late seeding reduced wheat yields. Sunflower densities of 9 plants per 1.2 square yards should be removed before flag-leaf stage as to prevent yield reductions. Equivalent wheat yields would be obtained if volunteer sunflower were sprayed post-emergence with MCPA, bromoxynil or bromoxynil plus MCPA by the 5-leaf stage of wheat.
Date: 1983
Subject: Sunflower
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4792

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