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New Type of Calf Scour Remedy

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Title: New Type of Calf Scour Remedy
Author: Staples, George E.
Description: In 1983, at least 60,000 calves die from a condition known as 'calf scours'. This cost North Dakota ranchers a minimum of $100 million dollars in lost revenue. A treatment with at least a 20% improvement would reduce calf loss. Signs of this condition are anorexia and watery diarrhea. Many combinations of have been produced in hopes of eliminating this ailment. Alginic acid and sodium propionate had given the best results. In 1981/82, a major complaint of this product was in it's difficulty in mixing and administration. In 1982, Veterinary Laboratories, Inc, was engaged for the express purpose of placing the mixture into bolus form, without changing the formula, which they managed. Tests on this formats success in testing are given. The results of this study were poorly adhered to resulting in some written, some oral reports, some ranchers reluctant to utilize control calves in this sort of testing and some were not utilizable due to their lacking good scientific experimental procedure. In spite of this, the reports they did receive in 1982 did show positive results with 143 of the 162 calves surviving. More testing was recommended.
Date: 1983
Subject: Cattle diseases
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5488

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