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Wireworm Control Trials in Corn

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Title: Wireworm Control Trials in Corn
Author: McBride, Dean K.
Description: The article concerns itself with the corn pest, the wireworm. These were prevalent in 1983 in the sandhill areas of southeastern North Dakota. Theses pests undermine corn yields. The single variety of wireowrm found in these areas was that of a single species, Melanotus communis (Gyllenhal). In the state, corn was the only crop cited to have been affected by this pest, though prior literature cited tobacco damage as well. The article offers a brief history of wireworm damage to North Dakota crops. With the advent of western corn rootworm in North Dakota and given that granular insecticides were registered for the control of this insect, the testing of these compounds for wireworms was summarized as being a logical, single treatment, action plan for both pests. The author cites several wireowrm control trials that were conducted on farms in the sandhills of Richland, Ransom and Cass Counties in southeastern North Dakota. These areas were selected for study due to it's having documented crop losses to wireworms over previous growing seasons. Trials in this area were primarily granular planting time formulation insecticides. The author utilizes two tables to display results for trials on insecticides evaluated for wireworm control in corn during planting season 1970-82 and for the summary of ranked mean counts of corn plants in 50 feet of row in plots treated with selected insecticides for wireworm control, sandhills area of Cass, ransom and Richland Counties in North Dakota.
Date: 1983
Subject: Corn
Pest control
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5490

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