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An Economic Comparison of Three Beef Production Management Systems

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Title: An Economic Comparison of Three Beef Production Management Systems
Author: Meyer, R. F.; Anderson, V. L.
Description: The article begins with the discussion of irrigation and how this practice reduces the risk of feed shortages lessening the necessity of crisis management. However, excessive bulk from the addition of supplemental water, corn silage, alfalfa and alfalfa-grass generally require on-site/on farm conversion to meat or milk. This paper addresses a study which compares the breakdown prices and returns of the cw/calf enterprise under drylot, irrigated pasture and range management conditions. The two locations for this research were located at Carrington and Oakes. For drylot and irrigated pasture management were based upon crop production data culled form these two locations. The breakdown prices and the returns were calculated based upon the selling calves at weaning time. range production was evaluated at two levels of production. The paer concludes with the findings from this study which were: that drylot cow/calf enterprise has the potential to be an economical and efficient beef production system. Drylot could be used with dry land farming, but the feed supply would be less predictable. Cattleman interested in the improvement of efficiency or the expansion of their herd(s) on limited land should critically evaluate a drylot program as a method of accomplishing their goals.
Date: 1983
Subject: Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5491

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