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Sunflower Seeds for Lactating Dairy Cows and Growing Heifers

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Title: Sunflower Seeds for Lactating Dairy Cows and Growing Heifers
Author: Marx, G.D.; Park, G.S.
Description: As the article title hints, it concerns the utilization of sunflower seeds for lactating dairy cows and growing heifers. By 1984, the supply of feed grade sunflower seed had become available for feed due to a number of reasons such as increased acreage. With more sunflower seeds being grown prices decreased making it a more affordable alternative animal feed. Sunflower seeds are high in protein, energy and nutrients. When the price of sunflower seed is lower, the supply of insect and weather damaged seeds, culls, broken and odd sized seed lots are available, sunflower seed can be a very economical alternative feed. Giving high producing cows high caloric sunflower seed, their milk production may be increased. In 1984, North Dakota was in first place for sunflower seed production followed by Minnesota. The usage of ill suited for human consumption sunflower seed in the livestock feeding sector increase revenue for producers that may have had to otherwise taken a financial hit.
Date: 1984
Subject: Feeds
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5554

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