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1983 Sunflower Midge Survey

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Title: 1983 Sunflower Midge Survey
Author: Kopp, D.D.; Busacca, J.D.
Description: A background on previous studies regarding the sunflower pest in North Dakota are briefly reviewed. The article focuses itself upon a study on such once more in 1983. It was discovered that the midge infestation was less than that of 1981, that it's expansion was slight, that it expanded westward in North Dakota, that losses had decreased and that the overall midge population has decreased from 1981-83. The way to minimize losses due to midge would be to utilize hybrids that are less susceptible to midge damage. In addition, to plant as late as possible in order to avoid the heaviest populations of adult midge.
Date: 1984
Subject: Insect pests
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5565

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