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Understanding North Dakota's Soil Resource

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Title: Understanding North Dakota's Soil Resource
Author: Sweeney, M. D.; Richardson, J. L.; Patterson, D. D.
Description: The article addresses the various types of soils that are found throughout the state of North Dakota. It is a breakdown of types of soil. It discusses those in each county There are roughly 250 different types of soil in the state of North Dakota. Why is it important to know and to understand search soil type? This information is needed in order to properly use and manage a tract of land. The extent of distribution of soils and their characteristics which govern proposed lands must be addressed. At NDSU, research is conducted regarding soil genesis, morphology and classification directed towards the development of a statewide soil resource inventory, a soil characterization data base and an understanding of the processes responsible for soil development in order that one may reliably predict soil suitability for agricultural and non-agricultural uses. Several areas addressed in this article are: soil inventory, soil characterization, soil interpretation, the reclamation of mined lands, wetlands and wetland soils, the genesis of soil structure soil permeability and crop yielding model.
Date: 1983
Subject: Natural resources
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5570

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