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Small Grain Soil Fertility Investigations, 1979-1983

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Title: Small Grain Soil Fertility Investigations, 1979-1983
Author: Goos, R. J.
Description: The proper fertilization management of small grains fertilization is a major concern for these growers. What are those things that maximize the fertilization process? Researchers at the Department of Soil Science have been researching small grain fertility questions for many years. This article emphasizes research performed from 1979-83. The article gives highlights of this research: nitrogen rates for wheat, nitrogen deficiency and grain quality, nitrogen placement in reduced tillage, depth of application of 'cold-flo' anhydrous ammonia and phosphorus placement. A forecast for the future is given.
Date: 1983
Subject: Soil fertility
Grain crops
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5576

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