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NorKing Russet, A New Potato Variety

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Title: NorKing Russet, A New Potato Variety
Author: Boe, A.A.; Orr, P.H.; Nelson, D.C.; Secor, Gary; Farnsworth, Bryce; Johanson, R.H.
Description: A brief history of the potato breeding program at North Dakota State University in their Department of Horticulture and Forestry refaces the discussion of the new variety of potato, NorKing Russet. The NorKing Russet is the result of a cross between Nooksack and ND9567-2Russ. The Norking Russet was created in a greenhouse 1976 and the seedling from this was grown in a field at the Langdon Experiment Station in the following year. This russet variety is resistant to verticuillum wilt and scab, bit is susceptible to most viruses and other diseases, including late blight and viruses. Thus, it requires regular sprayed applications with a quality fungicide. The NorKing Russet has been certified for seed. The prime usage of this variety is destined for fresh market and frozen french fries.
Date: 1985
Subject: Varieties
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5645

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