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North Dakotans' Beef Consumption Patterns and Attitudes Toward Heart Disease

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Title: North Dakotans' Beef Consumption Patterns and Attitudes Toward Heart Disease
Author: Hertsgaard, Doris; Light, Harriet K.
Description: In 1985, the emphasis on healthy diets that lowers cholesterol was being felt by beef producers. Consumers were reducing their red meat consumption in response. As North Dakota is a major player in beef production this growing trend was of direct concern. The purpose of this article was to determine beef consumption patterns and attitudes towards heart disease risk factors of North Dakota residents. data were analyzed according to farm and farm and non-farm and non-ranch residence and according to geographical region of the state. The study's sampling procedure and the description of the respondents were discussed. 15% of all respondents to this survey responded that they ate less beef in 1985 than in 1984. As thought, the main reason given for less consumption was the belief of the risks of red meat consumption. 90% of all respondents believed that stress, worry. smoking, obesity and heredity all were important players for the development of heart disease.
Date: 1985
Subject: Human health and safety
Human nutrition
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5649

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