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AC-94,377 For Breaking Dormancy of Wild Mustard Seed in Soil

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Title: AC-94,377 For Breaking Dormancy of Wild Mustard Seed in Soil
Author: Donald, William W.
Description: Annually various weed species recur each year due to the build up of seeds in the soil from the previous year. These seeds have various dormancy rates dependent upon location, micro-climate, seed brief depth and soil disturbance. One approach to eradicating weeds on farmland might be to speed the loss of weed seed from the soil buildup by the utilization of chemicals to force the germination of dormant seed. Thus, these seedlings would be killed by tillage, herbicides and/or unfavourable weather conditions. A few chemicals at this time had been reported to promote the germination of dormant weed seed in fields. the objective of the research study conducted in a greenhouse was to learn how AC-94,377 would behave in soil before evaluating it in the field. Wild mustard seed was chosen for this study due to it's being a dominant weed problem in both cereal and sunflower crops. The effective range of rates, leaching characteristics and soil persistence under AC-94, 377 in the greenhouse made it a desirable candidate as a germination stimulator in the field has shown activity in the field two years of field testing at Fargo ND. An integrated approach to the prevention of seed input into the soil would be a preferred prerequisite to the using of germination stimulating chemicals to compleatly deplete the soil weed bank of certain weeds.
Date: 1985
Subject: Agrochemicals
Chemical control
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5651

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