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Weeds in Cass County Crops, 1978-1983

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Title: Weeds in Cass County Crops, 1978-1983
Author: Nalewaja, John D.; Dexter, Alan G.
Description: The weed content of weeds in North Dakota crop lands varies each in severity. The observed variation of weed infestations yearly may be caused by environmental variations or indicative of a trend towards a more permanent modification of weed infestations. Human memory and visual observation make the delineation between yearly fluctuations and actual trends in weed infestations difficult to gauge. Surveys that were conducted to cull information on weed populations in Cass County, North Dakota over a 6 year period are discussed in this article. Information garnered from these surveys would be useful to determine the benefits and the needs for the application of herbicides, to plan weed science research and extension programs, to give early warning of developing weed problems, to assist in the development of weed prevention and control systems and, finally, to provide historical record for future reference. The reviewed surveys in this article were taken June, July and August in 1978, 79, 82 and 1983. the procedure of these surveys is detailed and a glossary of terminology given in this article. Tables and discussion of survey findings for each year give weed species, weed frequency, field uniformity, weed density, density range and the weed index rate.
Date: 1985
Subject: Weeds
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5652

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