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Impacts of Changes in the Prices of Energy Products on North Dakota Farmer

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Title: Impacts of Changes in the Prices of Energy Products on North Dakota Farmer
Author: Helgeson, D.L.; Johnson, R. G.; Little, R.D.
Description: In 1983, approximately 30% of variable costs, excluding labor) on North Dakota farms was comprised of expenditures on fuel and nitrogen fertilizer. Due to their high consumption of energy products, especially diesel, farmers are quite vulnerable to upward swings in fuel prices. This article goes on to present both information and equations to present to arrive at their conclusions. During a period of rising energy prices when few alternative sources are available, capital may be diverted from other areas to purchase energy products to maintain farm operations, which can result in decreased liquidity. Conversely, when energy prices decrease, farmers stand to benefit considerably, either due to capital used to purchase energy products would become available for use elsewhere in their operations or due to short-term borrowing requirements which could be reduced. These changes had a mixed effect upon the North Dakota economy overall.
Date: 1985
Subject: Economics
Energy resources
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5661

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