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AGNET -A Management Tool for Agriculture

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Title: AGNET -A Management Tool for Agriculture
Author: Rice, David G.
Description: AGNET is an acronym for Agricultural Network. This is one of several computerized systems developed to deliver their educational material. AgNet is a time-sharing system. It was accessible by those with internet access. At this writing, it had approximately 200 programs that were available upon request. Land grant universities in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington state and it was being accessed by 47 states and 9 foreign countries. This system was designed as a management tool for agriculture which has 3 main program categories: management models, information delivery and communication programs. In 1985, half of North Dakota AgNet private subscribers were farmers and ranchers. Several credit institutions accessed the system, also. Veterinarians, high schools, consulting firms, implement dealers, computer retailers, government offices and various other agricultural and non-agricultural businesses utilized this service, too.
Date: 1985
Subject: Farm management
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5704

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