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Effects of Energy Development on Secondary Labor Markets in North Dakota

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Title: Effects of Energy Development on Secondary Labor Markets in North Dakota
Author: Leistritz, F. Larry; Halstead, John M.
Description: By 1984, energy growth in western US states cause something likened unto a gold rush. Along with this growth came related industries growths such as in construction and synfuel plants.The increase in energy production can funnel in more revenues and, at the same time, cause shortages in housing, public services, recreational facilities and educational opportunities due to the overwhelming influx of new people to the region unless prior planning takes place beforehand. With workers being lured away from minimum wage jobs to higher paid jobs, these employers might need to do without. Yet, increased revenue attracts business and investors. This article reviews a study of secondary business and public sector employees, in Mercer, McLean and Hettinger counties in North Dakota. The first two had experienced groth due to the energy boom. Hettinger had not and was simply used as a marker to judge true growth by. The methods of the study are included. The public sector and the secondary business employee sections are addressed separately. In conclusion, it was discovered that some of the postulates that they held were true whereas others were not.
Date: 1984
Subject: Labor
Energy resources
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5925

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