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The Central Grasslands Research Station: NDSU's Newest Branch Station

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Title: The Central Grasslands Research Station: NDSU's Newest Branch Station
Author: Nyren, Paul E.
Description: In 1986, the Central Grasslands Research Station located in Kidder and Stutsman counties was the newest of branch stations. The impetus behind this addition was North Dakota livestock producers, especially those especially situated in the Coteau area of North Dakota. The prioritized goals of the station included research and development in the selection of the purchase of cattle of one breed or breed-cross to obtain as much uniformity as possible and to obtain cattle of the highest quality, within budget constraints, with the emphasis upon performance. The seond was the development of adequate livestock facilities. The third was the need for personnel to complete the research and in the construction work planned. The purpose of ths station was/is to provide a field laboratory whose primary purpose is for range and livestock research. The station has collaborated with North Dakota State University in addition to two federal agencies. The perceived future research emphasis at this writing was that of forage base and the effect it's management has upon the cow-calf unit. Finding solutions that would aid in the improvement of total efficiency of ranch operations would play a role in future research at the station. The station publishes an annual report which includes a summary of each trial research under investigation.
Date: 1986
Subject: North Dakota State University
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5949

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