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Conservation Tillage and Wildlife

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Title: Conservation Tillage and Wildlife
Author: Duebbert, Harold F.
Description: Wildlife biologists and administrators keep a watchful eye on changes in agricultural land use practices. One specialized form of conservation tillage now being practiced in the Great Plains is the production of no-till winter wheat. Biologists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center at Jamestown studied duck nesting in fields of no-till winter heat at several locations in the prairie pothole region of North Dakota. The objective of this study conducted during 1984-85 was to evaluate the amount of nesting and reproductive success of ducks in no-till winter wheat. The results of the study indicated that the fields of no-till, winter wheat provide acceptable nesting habitat for 5 species of ducks and, at least, 7 other species of birds. The total acreage of no-till, winter wheat within the prairie pothole region could provide several million acres of nesting habitat. It would appear that the trend towards increased no-till, winter wheat should have a positive impact on production of upland-nesting ducks and some other birds. Mallards and Pintails could especially benefit from this.
Date: 1987
Subject: Wildlife
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5979

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