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End-Gate Sampling of Grain

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Title: End-Gate Sampling of Grain
Author: Becker, Leslie F.; Maher, George G., Jr.
Description: The importance of grain sampling is frequently underestimated. Sampling at the country elevator is necessary to determine the level of of some factors which help determine the market price paid for the commodity. A definition is given. Stream sampling and the grain trade are discussed. The process of correct sampling is covered. They review the observed sampling techniques at country elevators. They discuss 'approved samplers'. They look at samplers for comparison. They outline the procedure. They draw conclusions from their findings. A summary paragraph caps the article off stating how their data findings were comparable with those of a 1980 census.
Date: 1987
Subject: Sampling
Grain crops
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5982

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