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Leadership Ability of Young Rural Adults in North Dakota

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Title: Leadership Ability of Young Rural Adults in North Dakota
Author: Luft, Vernon D.
Description: The title of the article gives the intent and content of this article. It was deemed that most communities across the board in North Dakota were in need of of effective leaders to help enable communities with the furthered actualization of their needs and goals.Given that agriculture is North Dakota's largest industry, it was deemed that having strong leadership would needed. Those in rural communities have fewer opportunities afforded to them than those in many urban areas. The Cooperative Extension Service and/or College of Agriculture in the land grant universities of several states have been involved in conducting public affairs leadership development programs for rural leaders. In 1976, the National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs conducted a major investigation to determine the educational needs of rural women and girls in the US. A better understanding of the characteristics, leadership qualities and leadership development needs of young adults in rural North Dakota would give an useful insight with determining the need for leadership development needs for North Dakota. The procedures for gathering data on this topic is presented next. A mailed survey was the chosen method. The survey is included. Cateogories such a speaking skills, general leadership skills, general leadership and work-related leadership were areas addressed. The comparison of young, rural adults in relation to their perceived leadership abilities using selected biographical characteristics as variables are discussed. The findings of this study were reminiscent of those found in data from a 1980 census.
Date: 1987
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5985

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