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Evaluation of North Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service Crop Management Short Course

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Title: Evaluation of North Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service Crop Management Short Course
Author: Smith, J.P.; McBride, D.K.
Description: The Cooperative Extension Service of North Dakota State University has offered North Dakota farmers a six day 'short course' on current agricultural research, pest control management and the application of new farming ideas. Topics included have covered have been optimum crop establishment, grain varieties selection, effective fertilization and management, weed, insect and disease control, grain storage, handling systems, pesticide application, row crop production, computer application and reduced tillage systems. A problem in the evaluation of extension work has been the determination of the direct impact of these educational materials and the qualification of the degree of adoption of this new knowledge into actual farming practices. The legitimization role of extension has implications for the extension specialists and the educational format they use. The coursework has gone from merely being common sense to a presentation of furthered, in depth topics due to information explosion. This article breaks down the evaluation protocols applied to the NDSU Extension Service. A mailed survey was opted for as the method to collect data. The background of those surveyed was given. The utility of short course topics was discussed along with the financial impact of course sessions on farming operation, the adoption of course course sponsored ideas and searches for the information after the extension course, the search for further information and changes in the information. network,
Date: 1987
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6102

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