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Agronomy - As NDSU Begins A New Century

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Title: Agronomy - As NDSU Begins A New Century
Author: Foster, Earl
Description: The article is an overview of perceived areas of continued activity. In crops, they looked for continued development of new varieties and inbred lines. The department of agronomy had several innovative, highly productive research projects in plant genetics, cytogenetics and physiology. The department initiated two research projects in the area of biotechnology. The evaluation of alternative or new crops would continue. The addition of the Loftsgard Research Center would allow for the major expansion of the weed science faculty into several new areas and would allow more in-depth research of areas now covered by then too few scientists. With the specialization of scientists, multidisciplinary research projects as few problems fit neatly into one narrow niche. It was viewed that agronomic research was a key component of an efficient, productive crop culture.
Date: 1987
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6114

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