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Future Research in Plant Diseases

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Title: Future Research in Plant Diseases
Author: Kiesling, Richard L.
Description: Traditionally, the control of plant diseases has been dependent upon four general research methods of: exclusion, eradication, protection and host resistance. The most important method being used for the control of plant disease continues to be the identification of genetically controlled resistance factors and the their transfer to genetically acceptable crop cultivars. From 1987-2007, the focus of biotechnological research would be upon the improvement of methods of plant disease diagnosis, including disease modeling and prediction, the determination of economic thresholds, non-specific (polygenic) resistances and in the resistance to diseases such as scab and root rot of cereals. In addition, research will be given to potatoes, sunflowers, edible dry beans and flax. The economics of crop production may become the most important single consideration in deciding if the traditional crop production or if alternative usages of land will prevail. The reduction of economic inputs and pesticides in crop production would require more detailed and time consuming management by farmers.
Date: 1987
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6116

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