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Microbiology at NDSU - A look into the Next Century

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Title: Microbiology at NDSU - A look into the Next Century
Author: Gabrielson, David A.
Description: A brief description of what microbiology is and entails is given. A history of microbiology at North Dakota State University is outlines. Those activities being carried out by both the microbiology and veterinary departments at the university are presented. The golas of the microbiology department at NDSU are given. It was perceived that the department would need to focus it's efforts into a limited number of general areas of interests to North Dakota as costs continue to increase whereas funding expansion is difficult to procure. The key to the future success was perceived to be the furthered consolidation of research activities with other departments to bring a collective approach to these tasks. Another area of emphasis would be in the area of animal sciences as they relate to health care and animal nutrition. It was believed that in order to keep the department dynamic in the era of applied technology to provide the efficient smooth transference of laboratory tests in laboratories into test production facilities. The author noted the importance of the continual courting of support from local, state and federal sources to support high tech basic research in micorbiology.
Date: 1987
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6117

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