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Fungicide Spray Decision for Wheat Leaf Rust

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Title: Fungicide Spray Decision for Wheat Leaf Rust
Author: Helgeson, G.; Statler, G.
Description: 'Leaf Rust' is incited by weather conditions that affect susceptible plants. This can reduce wheat crop yields. Epidemics occur when large crops are planted and weather conditions are right to create such. In 1986, in North Dakota, winter wheat loss due to this rust were estimated to be 10% of the crop yield. Fungicides can be used to control the disease when crop resistance is not available. A proposal on the criteria for application of fungicide is presented in this article in flowchart format. 1. Susceptible cultivar 2. Rust observed 3. Growth stage 4. Top two leaves infected? 5. Disease severity 6. Temperature 7. Moisture 8. Yield 9. Price of wheat 10. If all biological and environmental conditions are favorable for the development of 'rust', one may estimate a rapid rate of rust increase ending the season with 80-90% leaf rust. The projected increase in yield due to spraying should cover the cost of the fungicides. A low crop leaf rust infection would not justify the extra expenditure of the fungicides.
Date: 1988
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6173

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