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Educational Needs of North Dakota Agribusiness Managers

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Title: Educational Needs of North Dakota Agribusiness Managers
Author: Priebe, Dan; Olschlager, B.
Description: In 1980, 15.2% of the total work force in North Dakota was employed in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. This does not include those in related industries. Given it's significance to the state, it is essential to prepare workers for these careers in addition to retraining and upgrading skills. The need for the education of small businesses is mentioned due to the high mortality rate of these for various reasons. A study was conducted to determine the importance and value of various management skills as they relate to agribusiness managers. Also, to determine areas where these managers felt they needed the most assistance in the improvement of their management skills. The method chosen was a survey. The results of this survey were that there was a perceived need for improvement in management skills by 1/3 of those responding. It appeared that managers in all five categories would benefit from a common training program. The majority of the skills included on the survey could be used to form a core for the curriculum for agribusiness management training courses.
Date: 1988
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6191

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