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Career Choices of North Dakota Adolescents: Major Influences

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Title: Career Choices of North Dakota Adolescents: Major Influences
Author: Mullis, Ann; Mullis, Ron; Rathge, Richard
Description: North Dakota high school students are pressured by their parents, peers and teachers on future career choices to make. The family, it's economic status, the number of members and it's composition characteristics and interactive style are influential in an adolescent's career choices. Teens formulate opinions of possible career choices based upon listening to their parent's career satisfaction levels. Adolescents are exposed to information concerning economic uncertainty. Those in rural areas know of the hardships of agriculture. The constant updating of information regarding adolescent carer expectations is needed as to better provide them with the best information available to decide on the best career choices. The details of a study given to determine these is given. The route chosen was a questionnaire. The results indicated differences in responses from urban and rural adolescents. Most viewed higher education as being necessary for achieving their career goals in the future. Parents were seen as being the most influential factor in a teen's career choice. Economic factors factored into this decision process, a;so.
Date: 1988
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6193

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