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ND262, ND263, and ND264: New parental Lines of Corn

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Title: ND262, ND263, and ND264: New parental Lines of Corn
Author: Cross, H.Z.
Description: In North Dakota, corn yields are lower than for other parts of the US. This is due to lower temperatures and a shorter growing season. To maximize yields, farmers must apply the most advanced management system practices and select hybrids best suited for the local environment. Increased yields had resulted mostly from higher plant densities and nitrogen fertilizer. The proper plant must be selected to maximize yields by any advantage potential. Increasing plant densities does not always result in increased yields. Research was conducted at the North Dakota State University regarding hybrids and intercrossing inbreds. ND262, ND263 and ND264 were evaluated for yield and agronomic characters. ND262 and ND 264 produced above average yields with near average moisture at harvest. ND263 had reduced yields and higher moisture making it not suitable for future hybrids.
Date: 1988
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6196

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